Eligibility of Membership

Any adult person either of sex or of sound mind and good character could be enrolled as a member upon approval of the executive committee. Membership of the NGO/Charity shall not be limited to any number. Subscriptions, contributions and donations shall be accepted from the members and public, organizations and from other agencies.There will be three types of members i.e. Life Members, Regular members and honorary members.

Life Members

All the 7 (Seven) founder members shall be considered as life time.Members including Patron as life time patron.

Regular Members

Any person can become regular member, who fulfill the following requirements. He/she will be a university graduate.Sincere with the empathy of poor/needy and motivated to support NGO/Charity cause, not expecting and designation and financial assistance from the NGO/Charity except as given by the organization itself. Willing to follow the rules and regulations of the NGO/Charity. 

Honorary Members

The Executive Council shall confer “Honorary Membership” of the NGO/Charity of a distinguished person for his/her services for the NGO/Charity. He/ She may attend any meeting but shall have no right of vote.

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Procedure of Rejection

Any member who acts or behave in contravention of the aims and objects of the society either by active behavior or otherwise and a resolution of that effect passed against him by the executive committee or the general body.

i. A member shall cease to be a member of the NGO/Charity for any of the following reasons:

ii. Resignation accepted by the Executive Committee.

iii.Death of the member

iv. Gross misconduct

Final conviction

Final conviction and sentence by the court of law involving Moral turpitude followed by a resolution of executive committee.

Procedure of restoration of membership

Procedure of restoration of membership Members who have ceased to be a member of the society or whose membership has been terminated for any of the reasons mentioned above may be re-enrolled as member with the approval of the executive committee on the written request.