About Us

We are committed to ensuring that there are no boundaries to young people’s aspirations, no limits to their potential.

Our History

The charities below aid the specific needs of widows and widowers in both developed and developing countries. They run programs for grief processing or financial literacy and stability. They also encourage vulnerable widows and widowers to advocate for their rights in local communities.

Many of the charities conduct in-person and virtual support groups, events, and societies that promote social inclusion, understanding, and mental well-being. Yet, through these different approaches, they all work to ease the sorrow of losing a loved one. 

Vision & Values

Welfare of Deserving widows and poorest of the poor women. To provide essential Ration items to Deserving widows selected through state of the art survey process.

To provide Skills development Opportunities to deserving widows and poorest of the poor Women.

To hold one day free medical Camp of Eyes, ENT and Gynie in alternate months,especially for deserving widows and poor women. e. The NGO/Charity will engage in welfare of deserving widows and poorest of the poor


Creates complete transparency in our operations by requiring all recipients of aid to provide photo and video proof of delivery. We share reports over our social media channels to constantly update the public on our efforts.

We really are what we say we are… widows helping widows. Listening and learning from other widows gives me hope. As a new member, the voices of encouragement are overwhelming. Finding renewed purposed from other widows is why I’m here.

I really did create a new normal. No one is more surprised than me. It’s true, when we help each other, we help ourselves. I’m here to help—I remember what it was like to be afraid and uncertain about the future. There are so many widows out there who need our help.  What can I do to help?

The FWSP Connection meetings are my lifeline. There’s a feeling of unconditional support. I’m among peers who completely get it. A wonderful place to grow to new friendships. There’s a shorthand of understanding among us.  We don’t need to explain ourselves to each other.

Your Future Starts Here.

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more