MeetingĀ  gives detailed support and strength for a widows health: physically, mentally and spiritually.

i. A general body meeting shall be held every year to review the progress. Members shall be provided with agenda, progress, report along with financial reports.

ii. Emergency general body meeting should be convened of its own by the Executive committee or requisitions by 1/3 of membership. The quorum for a general body meeting shall be at least 11 members.

iii. Regular meeting of the executive committee shall be held every month with agenda, date, time and place. Emergence meetings could be convened as
and when necessary. Procedures of mail pole could also be adopted. The quorum for the executive committee meetings shall be 3 members.


i. The Executive Body shall maintain proper financial records which shall at all times accurately reflect the financial position of the NGO/Charity.

ii. A statement of account in respect of the previous financial year shall be placed before each annual general meeting of the NGO/Charity and a copy of such statement shall be made upon request.

iii. The money of the NGO/Charity shall be lodged in such bank, saving bank, or other institutions or other place as the Executive Body may deicide from time to time.
iv. Such account shall be opened in the Name of the NGO/Charity and shall be operated upon by cheque or notices of with drawl by the elected executive provided the opening of the bank account has been agreed by the Executive Body.


The NGO/Charity may be dissolved by resolution passed by 3/4 of members at a properly constituted general meeting of the NGO/Charity. Its assets shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the NGO/Charity but shall be sold, given or transferred to organizations or institutions specified in the resolution having objects

similar to some or all of the object of the NGO/Charity and to which approval has been granted by the central board of revenue under the religious and charitable institutions rules 1975 with intimation of such transference to the Central Board of Revenue within three months of the dissolution and in consultation with NGO/Charity, or return, if permissible to the respective donor NGO/Charity (ies).


The Articles of this constitution may be amended or replaced if.



The tenure of the Executive committee shall be of three years.



All assets and property of the NGO/Charity shall be vested in the Executive Body, but always subject to the terms of this condition.

fatima brocher


The Executive body in consultation with agnecy proposes any alteration.3/4 of the members approve of such amendments or repeal.